Spotlight on Inspired Business Owners – Lumapixel Video

This month we are excited to chat to Gary Freitas, the owner of Lumapixel Creative Production Studio

Name: Gary Freitas
Your business name: Lumapixel Creative Production Studio
Industry: Video production

Please give us a brief description of your business
Lumapixel is a Creative Production Studio and focuses on the business of telling the story of brands, products and services for advertising, corporate marketing and commercial clients. Our core business is video production and photography as well as other integrated services such as graphic design and aerial cinematography. We handle everything from script-to-screen and in between.

When did you start your business?
We started Lumapixel in 2007.

What inspired you to start your business?
We felt there was a gap in the marketplace for accomplished video production that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and that was focused on championing client outcomes and brands rather than the advertising firm/production house.

Who do you look up to in business or whom do you strive to be like?
I tend to look up to people who have made an impact by thinking differently and by questioning the way we see our world, so someone like Elon Musk, George Lucas or Jack Dorsey come to mind as thought leaders I enjoy discovering more about. Leo Burnett is also someone who’s thoughts come to mind when I think of my business…”To swear off making mistakes is very easy. All you have to do is swear off having ideas”

What is your business motto or personal mantra?
I have a few that I tend to govern my life by. Some are simple and some are clichéd but they are:

  • “The standard you walk by is the standard you accept”
  • “Go hard or go home”
  • “Many a misstep has been made by standing still”
  • “Train yourself to let go of the things you fear to lose”
  • “Think where man’s glory most begins and ends and say my glory was I had such friends”

Where do you see yourself in relation to your business in 5 years time?
We have an amazing strength as a business in coming up with ideas, some oddball, some unachievable, some amazing…all of them challenging and aimed at doing something new. In 5 years I would hope that we have progressed to even larger scale commercial work with a level of complexity that reflects the risks we take in our ideas and client pitches. Narrative projects that tell universal stories.

What advice would you give to others wanting to start a business?
Start with a purpose or don’t start. The only thing that is going to make the difference between a successful business and a mediocre one is passionate involvement, heady risk, personal sacrifice, innovative ideas and a boatload of even harder work. If you can’t summon the strength to demand and get more from yourself than you ever thought capable then you should consider why you are doing it in the first place.

How do you market your business and what works best for you?
Our business has been built around referrals. For us face-to-face marketing and high touch point networking works well. Marketing to people in a direct, hands-on approach, ‘you’re only as good as your last job’ is paramount. We also use social media advertising and event sponsorship, however working with people is key.

Do you have business mentors? Who do you seek advice from?
I often find myself seeking out the advice of people and friends in completely unrelated industries. That is where I find the most value. This might be a sale manager of a premium brand car dealership or friends who have “failed” at business or someone who likes to look at their own industry and ask the pervasive questions.

What makes you different to your competitors?
We focus on client relationships and we are passionate about developing creative ideas we want the business and brand changing concepts to be at the very heart of all we do.

What’s the best thing about owning your own business?
I want and have a business that keeps me on my toes. It’s flexible and needs help, it’s growing and evolving constantly and every day I find out more about it, learn something from it and can drive it in a new direction as quickly as the demand is necessary. The flexible hours are great at times but every entrepreneur knows that when to choose to run your own business you are working 60 or 80.

What’s the worst thing about owning your own business?
If I had to answer this more objectively though it would be how hard it is starting out in business and not having the systems, processes and understanding around my goals that I do now. This is a challenge and why I still get up to do it each day. Finding people that are more talented and committed is both the hardest and most rewarding thing about my business.

What is your favourite quote?
“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends and say my glory was I had such friends”

What does a typical day of yours consist of?
Wake. Think. Work. Think. Try to sleep. I’ll be the first to admit that my balance isn’t spot on quite yet but the hard yards need to be happening now not when I’m 70.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
The most satisfying moment in business for me has been hearing clients speak about what we do in a way that makes me feel it is all worth it. Your reputation is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you have made in your business?
The biggest mistake I have made in my business was hiring the wrong people. When you are starting out and desperate for staff this is an easy mistake to make. Now I have a policy of hiring slowly, training astutely and firing quickly if needed. You can train someone to edit, to film, to talk to clients, but it is more difficult to train someone not to be an arsehole. Culture is at the core of every successful enterprise.

What sacrifices have you made to get your business to where it is today?
There have been numerous sacrifices but the greatest have been in personal relationships, financially and in challenging my own personal beliefs around my sense of self, measures of success and time. I had to adjust what my personal goals were and what success was to better allow for failures and setbacks. I have never been good at failing.

If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be and why?
To another planet or into space, that or into the Mariana Trench if you need a location on earth itself

What is your guilty pleasure?
Reality dating shows… what’s not to enjoy!

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?
Climbing, tennis, soccer, hiking, adrenaline sports or at least that would be the list if I hadn’t had 7 knee reconstructions

What is the best book you have ever read?
Catch-22 is certainly up there and the first that comes to mind. No other book has ever quite had me so easily in laughter and tears within a paragraph as this Joseph Heller classic.

What is one item on your bucket list?
Climbing Everest.

Where do you get your inspiration?
In language, words and pushing people’s boundaries and understanding of themselves, their brand and their businesses.

Please share your website and social media pages links with us?
You Tube Lumapixel
Vimeo – Lumapixel
Linkedin Lumapixel

Thank you for taking to the time to talk with us Gary Freitas!