Lumapixel was born out of the belief that every message, brand, product and idea tells a story; their job as filmmakers and video producers therefore is to find that story and bring it to life.

“Luma” in its simplest form is a word for light or illumination and for Lumapixel it represents discovery and a dedication to the highest level of image making, (down the very detailed pixel), no matter the subject.

We are an end-to-end video production company who prides itself on having top notch innovative creatives and visual storytellers. We work predominantly with Australian corporates, innovative SME’s, advertising agencies, TV commercial clients, real estate agencies and do specialist aerial cinematography


Bring structure and direction to the marketing strategy. Revise the brand messaging for sharper cut through.


  • Create a new brand strategy, including brand positioning and key messaging
  • Refine the brand image
  • Update the website (in progress)
  • Produce corporate brand video
  • Create campaigns and marketing communications strategies

“It was phenomenal to work with someone who quickly understood what we do and provided a holistic focus with real solutions. Briohny got us off and running with activities and initiatives that added value to our business and clients from day one. Strategy is at the core of everything they do and as a result, it has transformed the way we spend money on marketing and think about our growth moving forward.”

~ Gary Freitas, Director, Lumapixel