Who we are

We’re a boutique creative agency specialising in brand, marketing, social media and digital solutions.

With experience across numerous industries, we cover all facets of brand and marketing. We take a hands on approach, using practical solutions to give your business the focus and direction it needs to make an impact.

Using our strengths of being able to think both creatively and strategically, we manage the whole process to execute a consistent focused marketing approach that achieves business objectives.

We’ll transform your business with energy and inspiration, empowering you to inspire and engage your clients.


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New Business enquiries: Briohny Heggarty, Marketing Director & Founder

0414 285 388 or inspired@briohnyheggarty.com

Inspired Marketing Solutions
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“Inspire with ideas and the power of WHY”

Why is it that some brands hit the mark and connect with people, while others just can’t cut through?

Getting traction with your target audience requires a solid brand strategy that incorporates all facets of who you are, what you offer and most importantly your ‘WHY’.  Understanding your brand and having a consistent message is the key to unlocking the mystery of success.

That’s where we come in. We’ll design a strategy that effectively connects with your audience.

We’ll work with you to extract your story. You’ll get clarity on fundamental brand elements such as positioning and marketing messaging.  We’ll help identify the X factor that makes your brand unique.

Whether you are starting from scratch, rebranding or looking for direction, talk to us about how we can help.

‘stand out online’

Confused about where to start with the online world?

It’s a waste of time being online just for the sake of it.  We’ll understand your business and design an effective strategy that aligns with outcomes and objectives.

You’ll have a consistent, focused and effective social media presence that meets your specific needs and goals.

We’ll work together to create relevant and engaging content to ensure an effective, online presence.  We’ve got the resources and expertise to provide you with online relationship building strategies that strengthen your digital presence.

We’re on top of all the latest trends. With our help, you’ll build your profile, increase your followers and communicate your key marketing messages to your audience.

“Energy & inspiration to your business”

Not enough time to do it all?

This is where the magic happens.  We’ll go to work on your behalf implementing all those projects you’ve wanted to achieve, but never had the time or resources.

We’ll do everything from creation and implementation of marketing plans, executing specific marketing initiatives, developing comprehensive marketing campaigns or simply following through on opportunities you don’t have time to follow up.

We provide the energy, dedication and services you need for effective campaigns –from strategy and concept through to execution, plus all the resources and collateral required along the way.

You may be outsourcing, but we’re always in touch and on hand to support your business to thrive.

“From strategic thinking to creative work”.

Are you looking for innovative ways to tell your story?

Whether its video production, photography, web development, graphic design or crafting that perfect copy to turn heads, our inspired team of creative professionals are on hand to help you achieve your goals.

They’ll transform our well-designed strategy into content that connects.  Our creatives work with you to identify your storytelling goals and design unique, relevant and contemporary content that engages your audience every time.

We know how to create entertaining and informative content to inspire your audience.  We love getting our hands dirty and doing what it takes to make things happen.

While we take our jobs seriously, this is marketing, not heart surgery. Friendly and down to earth, our team make sure we’re having fun while getting it done.

Empower your business with energy & purpose

Do you lack the time, resources or skills to execute your marketing initiatives on your own?

Our flexible and cost-effective solutions are designed for businesses that don’t have the demand or capacity for a full-time marketing resource.

You’ll avoid the headaches of hiring staff and get access to your own expert marketing manager at a fraction of the price of engaging a permanent employee.

We’ll take responsibility and ownership to ensure you have a comprehensive and customised strategy to get things done.

Our team will do all the work on your behalf to bring your plan and vision to life.





Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.

~ Leo Burnett