The word inspiration as meaning “being in-Spirit.” When we’re in-Spirit, we’re inspired… and when we’re inspired, it’s because we’re back in-Spirit, fully awake to Spirit within us. Being inspired is an experience of joy: we feel completely connected to our Source and totally on purpose; our creative juices flow, and we bring exceptionally high energy to our daily life.

This is when we do our best work. It’s at the heart of everything we do, and best of all - we bring this energy to you.

Empowering your business with energy & purpose

We’re here to partner with you for all things brand, marketing and creative.

Our team of experts are primed to guide you through every step of the process, so you execute a consistent and focused marketing strategy that’s aligned to business objectives.

Our services are perfect for those that don’t have the demand of a full time marketing resource.   You’ll avoid the headaches of hiring staff and get access to your own strategic marketing experts at a fraction of the cost of engaging a permanent employee.  We’ll take responsibility and ownership to ensure you have a comprehensive and customised strategy to achieve your goals.

We manage the whole process from concept to execution – with a hands on approach you’ll feel confident things will get done.

While we inject a healthy dose of humour, fun and energy into everything we do, our approach is fundamentally structured and systematic to guarantee results.

You want to make a difference – we can help you do it.

With Inspired Marketing Solutions, you will:

  • Invigorate your business with spirit & energy
  • Get on track with a K.I.S.S
  • Express your brand’s personality
  • Articulate and communicate your business’ uniqueness
  • Empower your business with strategy & creativity + execution
  • Move forwards instead of around in circles
  • Receive inspiration and energy to make things happen
  • Transform your brand, so you stand out from the crowd

"inspired" (in-spir'ed) ~ adjective

definition:1. of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse2. (of air or another substance) that is breathed in